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Mawi & Ekin Kursus Kahwin
By: Zeo ZaDan

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Thursday, 5-Feb-2009 15:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Street shooting

A SHuttersSpeak SHooting Day out.Zeozadan,Spyro & Archiprez spent half a day at Central Market & Petaling Street.One of the most interesting places in Kuala Lumpur full with colors and filled with awesome imitation of Oakleys, LV hand bags & ODM watches...

The outing was fun, shot with 5DMK2 with EF 135mm f2L & 16-35 f2.8L.
Enjoy the video here----->

Shutterspeak is officially no more active in fotopages.since most of us already know which country owns, Shutterspeak blog is moving to : <----BLOG

i'll be updating wedding photos and now videos overthere and it will be a better place.I will also be making my own personal blog soon which has my Celebrity Star Ziyad in it was fun blogging for nearly 3 years now in fotopages but...good deed comes from good causes.we just gotta move see you guys at my new blog!

Tuesday, 20-Jan-2009 11:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
So many many things to many things to do

workload is on the extreme peak of my head that one more drop of grain could make me drop tears...oh well life isn't that easy,who said so...squeezing every second of my life for work,photography & family.

my full time job is killing me.

it's sucking all the time & energy.

it's not fun anymore.

went back kuantan with wifey & ZIyad

currently not active on come to my flickr page for new updates of wedding shots and more of Ziyad!!!!

Sunday, 7-Dec-2008 02:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ziyad jalan jalan...

dah lama tak update gamba gambar-gambar ziyad masa raya pastu pi jalan-jalan dlm 2-3 hari tu.

ni ziyad kat umah Tok Ca' dia kat alor setar dok mencari kucing dlm pagaq rumah orang.

Ni Ziyad kat Pantai Batu Burok masa on da way balik from Kelantan back to Kuantan

banyak lagik tapi...baba tadak masa lagik nak edit

Wednesday, 3-Dec-2008 18:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Azmee & Fida

Azmee was one of my office mate that worked with me on the 1st season of Gegar U! last year.A year has past, he got hitched!He remembered me snapping photos during the Gegar U! production and called me up to shoot his wedding.thx Azmee!your wedding was awesome!

Photographers : zeozadan & Kechik_jr

Dewan Merak Kayangan
The Walk was cool supported with the spotlight.

De Palma Reception

THe preparation
got this lucky when Fida's good friend was preparing her makeup.

This was shot on Fida's flower bouquet.

After the dinner we had a quick 5 minutes shoot at De Palma's reception area.

more photos to come,check out our flickr for complete collections.

Zaidan Zainuddin
0122702120 <----Melbourne Shutterspeak FLickr <----Kuala Lumpur Shutterspeak FLickr

Sunday, 16-Nov-2008 15:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Arai & Eya @ Bukit Bintang

i've posted this sometime ago but only for a few pictures.i can never stop saying this but this outdoor photoshoot is the most fun Me & Faiz ever had.including the part where the guard halau us out of Pavillion.

so here are the rest of the photos :

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